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that announce recently in EA year in newspaper of money of the 3rd quarter, although a few data under anticipate, but later ” strategic defense initiative absolutely cavalier: Teaching of fall from the sky is round ” put on sale may help EA rally. Additional ” highest grade flying car ” it is very worth while also to be made newly expect. The 2019 money of EA year the 3rd quarter ends 2018 nature year on December 31, result of finance of the 3rd quarter was not achieved anticipate, ” battleground 5 ” suspend put on sale and show not beautiful is one of main factors that bring about money to sign up for digital malformation. COO holds CFO BlakeJorgensen concurrently to introduce to investor, ” battleground 5 ” inside last quarters 爱上海同城对对碰

at last allows the competition of much your work in identical schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, quarterly sales volume 7.3 million, serious under anticipate. This frustrate likelihood and ” battleground 5 ” put the emphasis in stand-alone gut content, despised much person mode to concern. And the in coming out to also did not drive a company to anticipate EA pass of this game is luxurious the growth of the member. ” FIFA 19 ” quarterly sales volume is 20 million, with ” FIFA 18 ” go up than calculating likewise successful. EA thinks this wants to ascribe to likewise schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is crowded, and ” FIFA 18 ” long life also distributed on爱上海同城手机版

e share ” FIFA 19 ” sales volume. After summing up experience to teach a lesson, look into to what did not come, EA plans put on sale ” corpse of plant big fight ” ” highest grade flying car ” ad上海千花网

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of much money sports additionally, and a lot of players and filmgoer are expecting ” strategic defense initiative absolutely cavalier: Degenerate order ” . EA also is opposite at the same time ” anthem ” ” summit summit is fabulous ” express to expect. Side of specific finance data, EA is in the net gain of last quarters is 1.289 billion dollar, did not reach expectant 1.375 billion dollar. Among them net value of digital Zhang face is 1.609 billion dollar, came true of 6% year than growing, but the anticipation that did not reach 1.725 billion dollar likewise. Digital net income is 908 million dollar, have remarkable growth than the 780 million dollar last year, hypostatic and retail it is 381 million dollar with the income of other business, keep balance almost with the 380 million dollar last year. Profit of net profit of the 3rd quarter is 262 million dollar. CEO Andrew Wilson expresses: “The 3rd quarter is the difficult period of EA, we fail to achieve expect an end. We are strengthening company force, fulfil executive attention point, make outstanding new play and long-term and online service. ” ” we are right ” summit summit is fabulous ” and be about to of put on sale ” anthem ” be full of enthusiasm, we are leaving a money year offer to global player group what have depth more is brand-new game battle array. We are leaving a money year offer t上海千花社区

o global player group what have depth more is brand-new game battle array..