Si Nuo overcame world bright and beautiful to surpass finals to contend for 2017, saierbi is opposite Wei Mian champion a rare Jin Si of champion of contest of 4 world bright and beautiful. In the 2nd phase once below the circumstance with backward 4-10, er of a place of strategic importance realizes big changeover than the latercomers surpass the formers, final 18-15 force overcomes Xijinsi, while the success defends crown, inside 4 years obtain world bright and beautiful the 3rd times to surpass champion.

Saierbi and Xijinsi the fight hand to hand before this 22, saierbi 13 get the better of 9 negative slightly one-up, er of a place of strategic importance of fight hand to hand of two people contest wins than obtaining 8, xijinsi takes below 4 only. But the 4 Ci Shijin competition with the mainest both sides encounter, xijinsi爱上海同城论坛

is taken win 3 times among them, the world 10 years ago final of bright and beautiful contest, xijinsi is Er of conquer a place of strategic importance than taking his the 2nd world bright and beautiful of career surpasses honor, . Second encounter finals, it is Saierbi and the 2nd fight hand to hand that Xijinsi is opposite the 5th times of contest of world bright and beautiful also is finals at the same time definitely.

8 bureaus contend for the first phase, what Xijinsi enters con爱上海

dition to obtain 6-2 more quickly is banner. The 2nd phase hopes Jinsi enlarges an advantage to 10-4 for a time. Nevertheless Saierbi chases after 3 bureaus inferior position to narrow repeatedly, 10-7 of rare Jin Si is banner. The 3rd phase paragraph the 18th bureau, xijinsi is hit into a red ball only, er of a place of strategic importance compares begin a few times, with 76-1 triumph continues to chase after minute of mad tide. The 19th bureau, xijinsi is to be hit into two red balls only, saierbi seizes an opportunity, 53-2 triumph has chased after 9-10.

The 20th bureau, it is difficult that although Er of a place of strategic importance compares the Sinuoke of one lever high quality,Rangxijinsi makes, but latter still uses Saierbi to attack begin of black ball error, hit single pole 78 minutes to win victory with 107-29, 11-9 is banner two bureaus. The 21st bureau, both sides is for a long time of be locked in a seesaw struggle, er of a place of strategic importance takes actor than pompon contention, with 63-40 triumph chases after the field in be being entered to 10-11 to rest.

The 22nd bureau, xijinsiben has an opportunity to be taken, after Saierbi is hit into red ball, one lever is chased after 67 min上海千花网论坛

utes with 68-19 triumph to 11 smooth. The 23rd bureau Saierbi makes persistent efforts, single pole gets 58 minutes be takinged with 82-0, 12-11 exceeds instead precede first after the 3rd bureau. The 24th bureau, er of a place of strategic importance seals triumph 72 minutes than one lever, 13-11 enlarges an advantage. Because time procrastinates 上海龙凤论坛

too longly, match of the 3rd phase ends both sides at this point.

The 4th phase the 25th bureau, saierbi is for many times begin, with 72-22 victorious 14-11 precedes. Xijinsi h上海龙凤论坛sh1f

olds the 26th bureau eventually opportunity, win out with 74-36 chase after a difference two bureaus. Er of a place of strategic importance of the 27th bureau gets 71 minutes than one lever, xijinsi is hit into a red ball only, er of a place of strategic importance is bannerer than 76-1 triumph 15-12. Er of a place of strategic importance of the 28th bureau compares begin twice, get 54 minutes mixing 70 minutes respectively, wit上海龙凤论坛

h 134-4 victorious 16-12 precedes. Lag behind from 4-10, saierbi hits a 12-2, 16-12 continues to enlarge an advantage.

Critical juncture, xijinsi is pursued and attack tenaciously. After Saierbi gets the 29th bureau 34 minutes first, xijinsi one lever 88 minutes of changeover. The 30th bureau, one lever defeats Xijinsi 100, capture chase after one bureau 111 minutes again with 119-0 triumph. The 31st bureau hopes Jin Si 74-47 wins victory, win the Saierbi after 3 bureaus to precede with 16-15 only repeatedly. Er of a place of strategic importance of the 32nd bureau compares those who restrain Xijinsi to kickback, advanced rise once more after red ball, with a bang give one lever to defeat 100 get 131 minutes, win victory with 132-0, 17-15 grabs game ball.

Saierbi takes the 33rd bureau 5 minutes first, begin of rare Jin Si 19 minutes, bilateral much bout defends, xijinsi leaves opportunity of bag lipstick ball. Er of a place of strategic importance compares sufficient begin, one lever ends a war, total score 18-15 beats Xijinsi, while the success defends crown, the individual is taken inside 4 years the 3rd world bright and beautiful surpasses champion.