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” cease the thing signs up for Si Duiji ” message, NBA rests the armament big fight of contest period be about to start shooting, and the rocket plans to renew the contract to with a ha be ascended ahead of schedule, to other freedom the player sends a signal, that is Hadenghui be here all the time which won’t also go.

An insider that knows rocket plan leaks this information, because rocket respect still does not plan to publish this information, so this insider is faceless makings exposing to the sun. 新上海贵族宝贝论坛


Go up sports season, harden is the optimal battle array th爱上海

at only full passes the first player, this makes him qualified a contract is the biggest change, simple for, sign a contract again namely. He is OK add a contract of 4 years of 168 million dollar, that is to say, this meeting is in he raises 58.7 million dollar on two the rest of sports season former pay.

Harden renewed the contract with the rocket last summer, his contract should end ability to expire to 2018-19 sports season at least, he has that sports season later player option. This also is a rocket successive the contract that the 2nd sports sea上海千花网

son signs Harden again. His contract had promoted last year for 4 years of 118 million dollar.

Go up sports season, ha Dengbiao reveals quality, all contribute 11.2 secondary attack, it is the secondary attack king of w阿拉爱上海同城

hole NBA, additional, his field all contributes 29.1 minutes, rank in entire alliance the 2nd. At the same time his field still all contributes 8.1 backboard, these 3 data are his profession career is new tall. H上海贵族宝贝交流区

e also is successive the 3rd sports season is on these 3 data refresh individual is new tall.

Pitch on is judged in MVP, ha Dengye and Na Deyi of Weisibuluke, Lai rise selected final 3 people list.

Rocket boss Alexander also is right Harden praises unceasingly, weighing him is whole NBA is the most outstanding accuse to defend, behoove gets MVP.

At present the rocket still is going after a few free players, appear in the gossip of the rocket like Paul, George. Do not cross a rocket and do not have pay space, want to get star of big shop sign still needs more operations truly.

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7-06-20? Ability of rocket of?96 of You Qun of Fu of abdomen of  of boat of cheek Huan  is Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of 2017-06-17 of the originator that embrace a group

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