(reporter An Limin) French car production brand sends Xue Tielong group (PSA) announced one of quarters to manage outstanding achievement on April 26, total sales volume of its whole world grows 4.2% , but drop considerably in Chinese sales volume 46% . China is t阿拉爱上海同城

he car market with the biggest whole world, and Chinese sales volume takes PSA sales volume only 11.4% , far under Europe, return even under sales volume of middle east area.

PSA is established in China have two joint-stock companies, one is with group of east wind automobile (00489.HK) limited company of joint-stock divine dragon car, one is with Chang’an car (000625.SZ) joint-stock Chang’an is beautiful limited company of Xue Tielong car (next weighing Chang’an PSA) . Motor Corporation basically produces divine dragon beautiful He Xuetie dragon brand car, chang’an PSA produces model of DS of brand of the high end below PSA group division.

The PSA expression in Chinese market and whole world are other the area runs in the opposite direction, PSA is in China two joint-stock companies all appeared first quarter 2017 sales volume glides. The sa爱上海

les volume data that group of east wind automobile publishs shows, sales volume of divine dragon car is 80298 first quarter, glide compared to the same period 45.31% . The sales volume data that Chang’an car publishs shows, sales volume is Chang’an PSA only first quarter 1906, glide compared to the same period 62% .

Small first quarter quantity purchases duty privilege this year extent is cut, by with the car especially joint-stock company sales volume is affected certainly, include company of foreign capital of special grade of the masses, blessing to all appear in Chinese sales volume 7.6% and of 19% glide, but PSA glides range is bigger. In fact, PSA was in 2016 China the expression of two joint-stock companies runs be defeated by big city, growth of whole of Chinese c阿爱上海同城

ar market amounted to two digit 2016, take the sales volume that use a car compared to the same period amplitude is adjacent 15% , and divine dragon car glides compared to the same period 15.54% , chang’an PSA glides compared to the same period 34% .

Joint-stock company sales volume glides outstanding achievement of square parent company is behaved in be a burden on. Annals showed group of east wind automobile 2016, partner of limited company of divine dragon car should occupy gain to reduce about 1.087 billion yuan. Annals says, glide the reason is beautiful He Xuetie sales volume of model of dragon brand high income glides, cost of business affairs sales promotion raises be caused by.

The data that money new reporter obtains shows: Second half of the year began 2015, french brand car begins to be in China sale of lose money in business; To 2015 the end of the year, new car sale is average every deficit exceeds 3500 yuan. The price picked up somewhat 2016, but bicycle deficit still is first half of the year 800 multivariate. French Reynolds is homebred time is shorter, divine drago阿爱上海同城

n car is French car brand the brunt in Chinese sales volume. (detailed sees ” beautiful Xue Tielong why downfallen ” )

On April 7, divine dragon car once managed state and media to undertake communication with respect to its, a shorthand that divine dragon car offers shows, wei Dong of Liu of vise general manager of east wind Motor Corporation thinks, current difficult position basically has divine dragon car tripartite face reason is brought about. Above all, PSA was not answered in time to rising abruptly quickly of SUV market. Next, day fastens a car to pick up considerably in Chinese sales volume in recent years, suppress law fastens car show. Car appearance is tied in standard of brand force field relatively day department car is in weak power position. The 3rd, in antitrust the requirement falls, ac新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

cuse without effective canal to agency terminal sale price.

“Our terminal price is farfetched, agency had period of time to stick 449 money outside uncouple a railway coach from the locomotive, kill bloodily finally, luckily is in a complete mess, do not pay close attention to client and service naturally. ” Liu Weidong says, divine dragon entered to adjust now period.

In the meantime, existence of square parent company of China and foreign countries of divine dragon car conflicts. PSA group hopes to raise profit margin further, with ability of brand excessive price, but east wind Motor Corporation values the market to have more rate namely sales volume. Liu Weidong communicated meeting hind to affirm both sides exists really in the media before Shanghai car is exhibited on April 18 different appeal to beg, but had reached now consistent: Pursuit market has rate and total classics battalion profit. “We think to be in, china shows level, if be had without the market,be being led talk about profit very hard. ” Liu Weidong says. He still expresses, divine dragon car although gain glides somewhat, but its profit margin still maintains in 8.4% , be in better level.

Situation of PSA of Chang’an of another when PSA is in China joint-stock company is more bad. The company is in deficit condition all the time since holding water by 2011, and deficit specified number is spent show increase a current. All previous of car of Chang’an of statistic of money new reporter signs up for discover上海龙凤论坛

y year after year, chang’an car comes from 2012 in the investment of Chang’an PSA accumulative total deficit was 1.36 billion yuan about 2016, among them 2016 deficit 815 million. Equity of PSA50% of Chang’an of Chang’an car hold, this is meant, specified number of Chang’an PSA total loss is before 2 times what relate a number.

Even if is such, PSA still holds to the sales volume target 2017 changeless, grow 5% in Chinese implementation namely.