The message will occupy Beijing of center extensive network on September 7 economic sound ” the world finance and economics ” report, building city enters traditional Jin Jiuyin 10, clinch a deal to cast off low fan, beijing and the circumjacent building of the area dish at first of open conduct propaganda pays 10% , open trade the sales promotion means such as mat endowment, head pay borrow trade a爱上海同城对对碰

waists-coat stage a come back, partial consumption is borrowed emerging possibly also to estate market in the dark.

Building dish Fu Ke of sales promotion head in installment

Last year second half of the year, the 7 branches such as the Central Bank publish new rule, prohibit house property intermediary is offerred head pay borrow. Adjusting control of epicycle house property, prohibit head pay borrowed superintendency manner to also be reiterated. But, annulus Beijing city waits in Heibei Zhuo city, Langfang, Wu Qing, brazenly ground hangs move head to pay 10% , develop business the building of mat endowment dish sales promotion advertisement.

A personnel of carry out building tells peacock city the reporter, the person that buy a house pays a paid one share only, by development business pay for sb and expect to be repaid later another head Fu Yu money, reach a bank with this head the bank is dealt with to mortgage loan after paying a regulation.

According to salesperson introduction, head it is OK to pay cent period pays, buy two hous上海龙凤论坛

e probably 70 much smoother (house) , head pay ten OK. Beijing is at present circumjacent, can carry out head pay in installment of policy 8 amount to mountain to still have Zhuo state these two area. 70 years the residence of property right is not restricted to buy, foreigner also can buy. Below normal circumstance, two house pay 30% times is 30 much, make an in part first, probably 150 thousand the left and right sides, remain 15-20 10 thousand, end to the year end 2018, pay off twice, without accrual, without poundage.

Not only peacock city, garden of green jade laurel also has similar head pay in installment sales promotion measure, can give pay not the client bankroll support that at first pays.

The salesperson says frankly, according to individual aptitude, head pay two years in installment. Some people have one flatlet to borrow, buy again head pay even if 60% , head pay proportion quite tall, head pay have to big hundred thousands of, do composition period so.

The sale glides development business coverts sales promotion

In easy house academy assistant dean Yang Gongxu looks, develop business the fundamental pre爱上海同城

ssure of mat endowment sales promotion depends on a sale gliding. Data shows, beijing builds the net of commodity house to sign capacity month by month to glide, fall from many 7000 of last year to inadequacy 3000, 6-8 month is to drop more defeated 2000.

Yang Gongxu says: After building city drops in temperature, the house is bad to sold, development business should lower a threshold. Development business is filled up endowment head pay, this coverts one kind namely sales promotion.

Mat head pays dozen of credit policy edge ball

This kind pays a paid sales promotion way, the person loan that lets lack aptitude buys a house, covert policy of breakthrough housing credit, was considered as to hit the edge ball of policy by legal personage, develop business facilitating sale, the order form that takes the person that buy a house covers those who show a commercial bank to mortgage loan, make the capital that room of by a definite date develops, the risk is great. Yang Gongxu suggests the person that buy a house notices to discriminate the capital catenary venture that develops business.

Yang Gongxu says: The business that such general doing should be the enterprise with more nervous catenary of a few capital. If you bought a house, the capital catenary of this enterprise was broken, building dish had not built already sodden remaining part上海贵族宝贝交流区

good, him need of the person that buy a house goes assessing a risk.

Superintendency layer may tighten up capital port once more

Not only such, partial consumption is borrowed emerge likely also to esta上海龙凤论坛sh1f

te market in the dark, data shows, short term loan is in dweller consumption sex the increment of before this year 7 months has gone more than year of annual. Relevant tendercy has caused superintendency department attention, course of study of silver-colored field headquarters of爱上海同城对对碰

bureau of Beijing silver-colored inspect, people manages an already advanced day to combine print and distribute to inform, the capital of examination of financial orgnaization key inside administer violates requirement Beijing compasses the circumstance that flows into estate market. Predict superintendency layer will tighten up capital port once more, severe the gate that accuses capital to flow into building city, beware risk overlay.

Original title: Building dish Fu Ke of sales promotion head in installment head pay borrow trade waists-coat stage a come back

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