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The day has not shined, crab farming people the breed aquatics in beginning a lake scoops up crab in purse net. Chen Dong is photographed

The crab of Neozoic in relief settleclear lake that Taoist or Buddhish rites does in crab carapace farming

In new network Nanjing on October 15 report 15 days, the day has not shined, the Chen Dong that lives in town of settleclear lake of this world of the city zone of Suzhou city photograph drives a boat to sail in Xiang Hu, have a crab of a big and fleshy from purse net lira. Weather is good this year, the build of crab is bigger than last year, the price is higher also. Weighing in the hand the crab that just gives water, chen Dong is glad ground say. Into go 5 years, the crab that he is an adroitness already farming.

Not be Yang Cheng lake crab is good, this is born to live why Suzhou. In relief settleclear lake is located in Suzhou city northeast, 爱上海同城

it is China’s famousest crab producing area. For generations of Home Chen Dong lives in lakefront, begin to be course of study in order to raise crab from the grandfather, to Chen Dong when, already was the 3rd generation.

October is crab farming a year in the busiest when. Chen Dong’s calendar was discharged at 6 o’clock from in the morning the following day阿爱上海同城

before dawn at 3 o’clock, one day has the Morpheus time of 3 hours only. Raise crab too painstaking, a lot of youths choose to go out now dozen go all out, resemble my home such 3 generation are crab farming, having beening rare on the town. Although very tired, dan Chendong did not regret to choose this route.

5 years ago, chen Dong or outer the sell member that rush about. Take care of pregnant wife to can have more time, chen Dong quited the job in the city, had accepted ancestor job, became a Neozoic crab farming. However from at the beginning, he is facing a severe problem area of purse net breed aquatics is cut.

The crab that scoops up is packed through, be about to send each district of past whole nation. Zhong Sheng is photographed

As environmental protection consciousness rise, and make sure drinking water thinks safely, in recent years, suzhou municipal government reduces the purse net inside in relief settleclear lake to breed an area stage by stage. The breed aquatics of Home Chen Dong the area also shrinks from more than 100 mus ten years ago present only 10 mus. He realizes, cannot rely on again purely to raise crab to paper a mouth.

After Chen Dong is taken over, use father between 2 bags of entertainment gue爱上海龙凤419桑拿

st new and reparative, and augment goes to 12, begin to make the business with happy farmhouse. Spring eats pond carp, summer is tasted yellow in June, the autumn tastes a crab. Compared with only results season eats crab before, profitable time place is great.

In addition, chen Dong still can take a guest to look how to raise crab, crab, the aquaculture make it the tradition serves industry. From food besides, your guest experiences the fun of the crab. Sort the development of course of study as network and modern other people, chen Dong also broke father generation people the habit that travelling merchant of sit back and wait comes to buy, begin to sell the crab to the whole nation.

During the golden week, the guest that amuse oneself comes to before should consume Home Chen Dong everyday 200 crab, additionally 200 send each district of past whole nation everyday only. Between 7 climate, smooth farmhouse is happy one has 2 to arrive everyday the income of 30 thousand. Some guests on a special trip from east and other places of 3 provinces, Yunnan comes eat crab, there is no lack of to come year after year among them turn round guest, even still foreign guest is att上海贵族宝贝交流区


Raising crab to go up, chen Dong also is done not have ambiguous. Breed crab to plant from him older generation, look for breeding business essence of life to carry actor choosing to now; Allocate feed with at hand material from older generation, buy careful material to press scientific method configuration to special net. The tradition raises the backbone of crab course of study to go up, bud gives contemporary new shoot.

This year, decrease to answer those who breed water area, chen Dong increased bred density, the breed aquatics that gives oneself purse net traditional Chinese clothes set a pump that add oxygen, your because the crab is anoxic and dead probability is reduced considerably, die hardly a few crab. When results, chen Dong one account, suffer breed efficiency build of promotion, crab is bigger wait for element influence, although crop under last year, income increased instead. And, these 5 years, went up year after year a step.

To future, chen Dong still holds confused, his concern breeds an area to be able to continue to narrow. But the intent that improves environment and water quality to the government, chen Dong says frankly oneself special self-identity. He says jokingly with homophonic: Raise advanced, settleclear after, have raise having settleclear ability is lake of our Yang Cheng.

Be in nowadays in relief settleclear lakefront, farmhouse is ha上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ppy had made a burgeoning industry. Zhong Sheng is photographed

Go in town of in relief settleclear lake nowadays, there is a garbage can before every farmhouse. Of sewage conduit transformed this a few years to also pervade each each. Once the rubbish after the house before the door forms a pile, the countryside of sewage crosscurrent, already became pure and fresh and clean. Communal bicycle, tent still appeared to rent gradually in the town wait for travel service. The travel project such as the oily cauliflower item that adds governmental organization, colour paddy section, go to in relief settleclear lake already was not in the past besides eat crab, still ca阿拉爱上海同城

n eat crab only.

Look at these change, chendong is very gratified. To him, crab of authentic in relief settleclear lake, it is father generation leaves me best capital fund. He expresses, oneself regard a the Cenozoic Era as crab farming, can continue to work in this. He also period making native place can more beautiful, no longer mere because of the crab famed whole nation. (Reporter bell rises)

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